‘Warrior’: A Poem About Mental Illness

I cannot be your saviour, nor can I remove your pain

I don’t know how to banish the fear or make you smile again

I want for you to be happy, to be surrounded by family and friends.

I don’t want for you to feel like a burden, like you must always make ammends.

I want for you to be proud of yourself, to own your skills and strengths.

I don’t want for you to use your weaknesses as a weapon of defense.

I need for you to take a deep breath right now, to fill your lungs with air

Now wipe away the tears from your flushed cheeks, head back, and feel the wind flow through your hair.

Let your guard down, my girl, and throw away the key.

While you may not believe it yourself right now, you will always be a warrior to me.

You don’t see the same as others, you don’t acknowledge your beauty and humour.

You only see yourself as fractured, a mass, like a growth or a cancerous tumour.

You cannot see the future right now, Christ, you can only think as far as this eve, but know now that the storm will pass, you just need to stand strong and believe.

You will fall numerous times, and acquire many scars as you go, but you must always look for the moon and the stars as you’re stranded in the gutter below.

Death may cross your mind as you see it as the only way, to save yourself from having to welcome another uncertain day.

As the thoughts and feelings amass your mind like a wave of pained pollution, slide those urges to one side, my girl, because death is not the solution.

This is your body, your mind, but I will be there to guide you through, so hold your head up high, my girl, because I believe in you.

So cry and scream, release that anger, that pain, but have faith and know that you will soon be smiling again.

42 thoughts on “‘Warrior’: A Poem About Mental Illness

  1. This poem speaks to the core of what true bravery is all about. It is not the absence of trials, but the ability to overcome those trials. Thank you for sharing with us.


  2. This really brought tears to my eyes. Its so true to the thoughts I have…. often. Its nice knowing Im not the only one out there who feels this way. Ive really just turned into an introvert over the years of having a mental illness, and just kind of slowly kicked everyone out. The internet is pretty much where I converse, if its not my husband 🙂 — You are a great writer! I hope to see another of your poems soon

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    1. Thank you so much, I’m just sorry to hear that you’re struggling. I understand myself how easy it is for the illness to force you into pushing people away. If you need someone to talk to then please just reach out – if I can help then I will ❤ Thank you so much, and thank you for reading 😊


  3. Mental illness is very hard to fight. One has to fight with themselves with will power and positivity. ‘So cry and scream, release that anger, that pain, but have faith and know that you will soon be smiling again’ liked these lines. Whatever you may be going through never keep it inside. Always share it with friends and family. You may not get a solution but you will definitely get a shoulder to cry for.

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